Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Manuel Antonio

On day 6 in Costa Rica we visited Manuel Antonio National Park, a piece of jungle and beach on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. It was a very hot and humid day, and even before noon we were dripping with sweat after only minutes on the forest trail that we took to the beach. On the trail, however, we were rewarded with glimpses of some impressive native animals that are usually only seen on tourist paraphernalia—sloths (three, two of which were a mother-baby pair), a basilisk lizard, raccoons, and a great many white-faced monkeys. Some of the monkeys scurried very close to the trail and we could have almost petted them, but we were cooing too hard, and the posters at the park entrance announced that petting monkeys is forbidden.  At the beach much fun was had by all. Some of us body-surfed, some jumped head-first into the waves, and some just plan swam. After swimming we went to a nearby buffet for a refreshing lunch. Then we returned to the hotel for a much needed rest and to tend to sunburns. After recuperating we rounded off the day with a delicious meal at a restaurant, called Rico Tico, with a live guitar player!

-Jeremy and Evan

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