Wednesday, April 20, 2016

La Julieta school visit!

On Monday, we visited the school, La Julieta, in the town of Parrita. The little 3rd graders were SO excited to see us, as were we! Kian wore a Captain America shirt, so a couple of the students immediately attached themselves to him since they're such huge hero fans. One of them even asked him for his autograph! So cute! A little girl took a liking to me as well. Her name was Chari; it's crazy how much she looked like one of my cousins back at home!! We did a few activities with the kids such as a human chain game with a hula hoop and trying to get through an elastic fast enough to pass it on. There were two teams: Los Rapidos, and Los mejores. Every time the teacher said the team name, we had to chant! Los Mejores won twice, but Los Rapidos beat them at tug of war! Towards the end of our time together, we finished things off with a dance number. We followed the choreographer and we danced bachata, samba, merengue, and swing criollo. Everyone had such a great time. Before we said our finals goodbyes, the children sang the first part of the national anthem of Costa Rica to us and we visited their classrooms! And as we were leaving the school, many other classrooms spotted us and said goodbye to us. Monday was such a wonderful experience! I loved visiting the kids and watching their reactions to all of us. It was so great.


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