Sunday, April 17, 2016

La Fortuna y la llegada en Monteverde

We have not had good internet connection in Monteverde! Will catch up on blog when we can! Everything is fantastico!

Summary of yesterday...(photos to come...internet still not good!)

We woke up in La Fortuna to a beautiful view overlooking the Arenal Volcano. We had a long day of travels ahead of us, our ending point being Monteverde. For lunch, Brie's aunt and uncle were kind enough to host all of us and it was a true Costa Rican experience. We enjoyed delicious traditional food as well as lots of fruits from their garden. As we said goodbye, we headed to our hotel which was a short ride away, and we all chilled at the pool for a few hours. At 5:30, we all got ready for a night walk to see the nocturnal wildlife of Costa Rica. It was a one and a half hour hike where we saw a huge variety of plants and insects. We each were given a flashlight and headed off with our guides into the  pitch black forest. We saw birds,  frogs, walking sticks, leaf cutter ants, and two varieties of tarantulas. We then finished our day with a delicious meal at the restaurant at our hotel which had a wide variety of Costa Rican selections.  

-Catherine P 

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