Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cooking lesson!

After our experience zip lining for the first time in Costa Rica, and for some of us ever, we went to the ecological center where we met an abuela and her son and daughter and cooked our lunch. Like most traditional Costa Rican meals, we made a simple chicken and rice dish mixed with vegetables like carrots and green beans topped off with prestiños which are a typical fried dough covered in sugar syrup. The rice was easy and quick to make, but the tortilla making was where it got difficult. We were given balls of the dough used to make them, then rolled and shaped them into a standard looking tortilla. Some of us proved to be experts at this, and were awarded with first and second place. But unfortunately for these winners, Jaslyn and Nicky, the prize was to clean the table. After our hard work we finally were rewarded with eating the delicious food we had contributed to. The rice was very delicious and gave us another taste at Costa Rica’s standard dish, and the dessert was amazing as well!

-Arianna Curry

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